the 2gethr approach to COVID-19

Prioritizing the health of members and employees has always been the first concern at 2gethr.
We always strive to achieve a healthy amalgamation of innovation and creativity to create the best environment that nurtures our members and employees, both physically and mentally.

how 2gethr is
keeping you safe

in effect across HSR and ORR centers

Contactless temperature monitoring

UV lamp air treatment

Regular fumigation

Contactless door fixtures

Color-coded seating

Community support both offline and online

Touchless hand sanitizers

Social Distancing norms implemented

Karnataka directive as on 2nd May, 2020

Contactless deliveries

the 2gethr heroes
making it all work

Trained to new norms
Wear facemasks, like superheroes
Still Friendly as ever

Sanitization of meeting rooms twice a day

Sanitization of workstations twice a day

Sanitization of high-touch surfaces like door handles, faucets, restroom cubicles, and other contact points every hour

Sanitization of common areas like the pantry and community area every hour

a note from
team 2gethr

We know the last few weeks have been difficult for you and everyone close to you. We understand it’s not easy to leave your loved ones behind and brave your way back to the office. But to make things easier, 2gethr is here to help you. We are making sure that as you journey back to the office, you have a safe experience here.
Being a WELL D&O certified co-working space, we are tending to all facets of your daily work routine to ensure that you are safe and sound. And, this includes everything right from the moment you enter the 2gethr workspace till you exit. We have adopted no-contact and sanitized protocols and policies to ensure your safety.

We assure you we are taking that extra step to make sure that you are safe and sound while working at 2gethr.

We will keep updating our precautionary measures every week as per the necessities with the changing times.

Remember, this too shall pass!

Stay safe, stay brave
Team 2gethr

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