Recharge and rejuvenate in our dedicated wellness zone, designed to boost your well-being and productivity.

Well Certified

Experience a workspace that prioritizes your health and comfort. Our WELL-certified environment ensures a holistic and energized work atmosphere

Wellness Area

At 2gethr, we go beyond workspace to offer you a complete work-life enhancement. Explore our top-notch amenities that redefine coworking.

Coworking Space in Bellandur

Building people-first workspace for people-first companies

Total Workstations: 1200
Tailored Modules for Teams of All Sizes Variety of On-Demand Meeting Rooms with 20+ Configurations



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Amit Gupta

Founder & CEO

The 2Gethr Experience is amplified by their attention to detail, great communication skills & a ready smile!

Amit Sonthalla

Business Head

I was pleasantly surprised by the aura 2Gethr has created