Can Coworking Spaces Improve Employee Engagement?

Coworking spaces have given the new age work culture a new stride. Read on to learn how.



October 27, 2023

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With millennials & Gen-Z ready to take over the workforce, suitability in terms of adequate work environments are already being questioned. In an age when individuals are willing to leave their monotonous jobs & take the road less traveled by, providing spaces that entice them & make them comfortable have never been more imperative. Coworking spaces have revolutionised workspaces in this regard by offering a modern approach to the conventional cubicle or desk setup.

Social media has been a huge proponent in showcasing coworking spaces to the world which in turn enticed the millennial workers worldwide yearn for such cool workplaces. The perks of these new-age workspaces have been profound & are becoming popular even in India, where the demand for these places are being met with new coworking spaces opening in every other city. In cities like Bangalore where startups & businesses grow at rapid rates, both employers & employees are always on the lookout for a holistic space to set up & work. This is where coworking spaces like 2gethr come into the picture. Coworking spaces offer a lot to its members. In fact, coworking is the new way to go when it comes to improving employee engagement in an organization.

What is employee engagement?

Simon Sinek once said, “Customers will never love your company until the employees love it first.”  This holds true in almost every context because an employee will only be as productive as he/she is happy working. Creating conditions which are right for every employee to stay committed to the goals & values of the organization & contribute to its success is employee engagement. Providing the employees with opportunities to do more in a day apart from just working is a sure way to make them feel good. A study from All Work in 2020-2021 found that 54.9% of employees who had not used coworking spaces in the pre-COVID era would consider working there in the future, showing just how popular this is & will always remain. In 2017 & 2018 alone, 84% of employees who used coworking spaces to work were found to be more engaged.

How does coworking enhance employee engagement?

It is a common fact that employees that are content with their overall work lifestyle are happier & more productive. Coworking spaces cater to this sentiment by offering more than just a table & chair. Here are some ways in which this hybrid culture aids in employee engagement :

  1. Happier & productive employees

When employees are subjected to mundane work within a 9 to 5 schedule on a daily basis, the chances of burnout are very high. With the expectations of workspaces changing rapidly & into a more hybrid work culture, coworking spaces are the easy solution for happier employees. By giving them a more comfortable & calming setup, & being surrounded by a variety of other like-minded individuals from different organizations, they are motivated to be more productive & automatically increase their output & statistically were 43% less likely to experience burnout.

  1. Flexibility in work

Coworking spaces usually function 24x7, making it easily accessible throughout the day. This enables working individuals to have a more flexible schedule in terms of work, such that they can enter into a work environment at a time that suits them in a day. By giving them the opportunity to work on other things - personal or professional - throughout the day & being able to work at the coworking space at their convenience, it makes for a more appealing solution of working.

  1. Healthy work-life balance

Hybrid workspaces offer more than just a space to work at. They offer a multitude of other options to partake in through the time spent at the coworking space like workshops, classes & public events. This enhances employee engagement & satisfaction because employees are able to do more than just work through the day & can actually learn more, do more & feel better.

  1. A thriving work culture

A thriving work culture is one where the employees working within it are working to their highest potential, are very productive & are high performers. This can be inculcated through the design of most coworking spaces alone, as long as they provide a way for employees of various organizations & departments to interact amongst each other. They learn to motivate each other, help each other & be positive influences in increasing productivity at work. This healthy work environment is one of the main reasons why organizations are now switching to work from home or working from coworking spaces, as a divided department structure and the conventional “desk job” has been found to yield less results qualitatively & quantitatively than before.  

  1. Multiple work environments

Usually, coworking spaces offer a variety of spaces to work in. The options might include a formal conference space, quiet spaces, rooms meant for collaboration, individual workstations as well as an open floor plan. This gives employees who are using the hybrid workspaces to work in their preferred environment, or rather, the one which suits their work style the most. Whilst some individuals might work better in an environment which is stimulating and surrounded with people, others might prefer a quiet space to work with minimal interruption. Therefore, coworking spaces solve this issue by providing options & allowing its users to switch up their work spaces, making their day less boring & more dynamic.

  1. Expansion in networking

The added benefit of working in a space with individuals from other companies and organisations heavily improves one’s ability to network. This is because they are surrounded by people with varied perspectives, ideologies & backgrounds which can help develop their mindsets, build relationships & even start new projects. Networking is a key tool in the life of any business & coworking spaces provide the perfect way to meet new people in a formal & informal manner.

Coworking is the solution for productivity NOW

Ultimately, if organizations are considering switching to the more flexible option of working out of a coworking space, GO FOR IT! This is the modern way to maximize organizational output by maximizing employee output. The added benefits lead to more savings, overall employee satisfaction, a happier & a more engaged work community.

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