Co-working paving the way for Managed Office: the 2gethr @ HSR story

Every story has a beginning, this is where ours began.


Minak Daspriya

October 27, 2023

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Every story has a beginning. 2gethr @ HSR is where ours began.

Overlooking the beautiful Agara Lake, 2gethr @ HSR is located in one of the most happening spots in Bengaluru - HSR Layout.

What started as a dream to create empowering workspaces that help companies convert ideas into reality led us to find our motto “Dream every day.”

2gethr @ HSR started operations in January 2019 and spans 25000 sq. ft. spread across 5floors with the east of the building enjoying the view of the beautiful Agara Lake across the road. The terrace has an open seating space where one can grab their lunch, or get some work done while enjoying a view of the sunlit waterbody. 2gethr @ HSR is a genuine pleasure to work out of and hands down one of the coolest workspaces in town.

Fast-forward 4 years and it's January 2023, and 2gethr @ HSR has evolved to become a hybrid between a Co-working space and a Managed Office.

Just to get you up to speed, a co-working space is an office solution where resources are shared, and anyone, even a single individual can get their own office space where they can meet like-minded people and get their work done. Co-working spaces are great for freelancers, startups, and MSMEs. The greatest perk that a co-working space brings is that all overhead costs and management are brought under one roof, literally. No worries about the Wi-Fi, housekeeping, pantry, visitor management, etc.

The perks brought to the workspace by co-working spaces aided startups focus on building their product and scaling up without any hassles. These startups have grown to become enterprise behemoths themselves and find the flexibility, convenience, and comfort that these co-working spaces bring to the workspaces more in line with their work culture. The limiting factor? Scale and customization! As enterprises, they want their workspaces to reciprocate their brand with the theme of the workspace aligning with their brand co-working spaces tend to become limited in terms of customization. Scaling up inside a co-working space can also become a limiting factor after one point due to lack of space availability.

The answer to these problems - Managed Offices!
Managed Offices are a form of Workspace as a Service where the space, designed and built according to the customizations a client needs, is also managed by the service provider. In short, a Managed Office is a co-working space on steroids, personalized for the client, and includes everything - design, build, and management, including all the operational expenditures - into one monthly payable rent.

Back to the origin story, we started the design and build process of 2gethr @ HSR as a co-working space.

The ground floor begins with a common reception, with a lounge behind it. There is a pantry with an island-bar-style flex workspace and booth seating nearby. This space was designed to enable the community to work freely with free-flowing coffee.
There are two common-use 4 pax meeting rooms that can be booked with ease on the 2gethr app. A collab space and stepped seating are also present on the ground floor giving members the flexibility to choose their working comfort. Two access-controlled private modules are also present on the ground floor.

The ground floor is the melting pot of 2gethr @ HSR with a common reception, pantry, lounge, collab space, stepped seating, library, meeting rooms, and much more.

There are four floors at 2gethr @ HSR, each of which is designed to be independent and self-sustainable.
Each floor has a different layout, with the workspace tailored to fit the brand working out of the space. The only thing common across all floors is the presence of a pantry, meeting rooms, collab spaces, a breakout zone, lounge - all contained inside their workspace with an access-controlled entrance.

Lounge with a foosball table and an amphitheater on the 2nd floor of 2gethr @ HSR, currently the Bengaluru Headquarters of ElasticRun

This makes each floor a private and secure space for an individual brand and along with the customization option works similarly to a Managed Office in terms of operation and workability. The floors form a cocoon for the member company working out of it and provide for all the needs and requirements of the company and its employees on a holistic level.

The lounge at the entrance of the 3rd floor of 2gethr @ HSR comes with booth seating offering, currently the Global HQ of Gameberry Labs.

The presence of 4 individual Managed Offices inside a co-working space is unheard of and proves the possibility of a hybrid between co-working spaces and Managed Offices, and 2gethr @ HSR is sitting on top of it!

If you want to know the difference between co-working space, managed office, and traditional office, you can read it here

Our foray into building people-first workspaces that could become an integral part of the company culture for any brand has led us to understand how the office space market has been evolving in the post-pandemic world. The future of workspaces is Managed Offices, and we are at the forefront of the workspace revolution, here’s how!

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