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Nothing endures but personal qualities. As we come to the end of the recruitment series of blogs, here are some must-read tips for your career!


Minak Daspriya

October 27, 2023

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“All good things must end, but that doesn’t mean all endings are bad. Some endings lead to beautiful beginnings.”

This blog brings us to the end of the recruitment series of blogs. In the first part, we talked about building a CV, and in the second part, we talked about acing the interviews. We hope that you found our recruitment series insightful & were able to bag your dream job. In this part of the recruitment series, we will be talking about the qualities that will help you stand out & make a lasting impression at your new job. Read on till the end for some bonus tips from the top HRs of the 2gethr community.

Walt Whitman, one of the most influential poets in the American canon, & often called the father of free verse, said “Nothing endures but personal qualities.” Here is a list of personal qualities that can help you grow exponentially in your professional career:

● Learning: As Albert Einstein said the famous lines “Once you stop learning, you start dying.” Being open to learning & acknowledging the fact that you need not know everything can help you in your career. Always be curious about new things, open to learning & picking up new skills, & updating your knowledge of old skills. Showing eagerness to learn helps you polish your skills & acquire new ones which can take you places.
The youngest & 35th President of the United States of America, John F. Kennedy said, “Leadership & learning are indispensable to each other.” And that takes us to the next point

● Leadership: John C Maxwell, an American author, speaker, & pastor who has written many books, primarily focusing on leadership, when asked what being a leader means said, “A leader is one who knows that way, goes the way, & shows the way.” Being a leader at your workplace means showing proactiveness towards new initiatives or ideas, getting involved in the team & company, & taking ownership of the work. Waiting for tasks to be assigned can reduce productivity & in turn, this reflects poorly.

Ralph Marston, the NFL football player said, “Being positive in a negative situation is not naive. It’s Leadership.”

● Positive Attitude & Body Language: William James, one of the most

influential philosophers of the United States, and the "Father of American psychology" said, “It is our attitude at the beginning of a difficult task which, more than anything else, will affect its successful outcome.” Being positive at your workplace exudes confidence in the work you are doing. Positivity is contagious, & having a positive attitude spreads to your coworkers making them have faith in you, your work, & even the work they are doing. Being positive also allows us to handle failures more effectively. Here’s what Brene Brown, an American research professor, lecturer, author, and podcast host, said, “There is no innovation & creativity without failure.”

● Innovation & creativity: Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple, said, “Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity - not a threat.” Everyone has to be creative in tackling the work they do, whether it be making that sales pitch, that ad campaign, that landing page, or that code. Theodore Levitt, the American economist, & professor at the Harvard Business School said “Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.” Being innovative & creative at your job can not only help you ease your work but also bring in new ways of getting the work done.

“Good qualities are hard to form but easier to live with.”

As a bonus, the HR community at 2gethr has provided us with some golden tips that can help you soar high in the corporate world.

“As a fresher, you should give more emphasis to learning & acquiring knowledge.”

- Bino Kurian, HR head at Zyeta

“Always observe things closely & have the curiosity to learn new things. Take ownership of your work & be accountable for it.”

- Prathyusha Nelluri, HRM at Divisions Maintenance Group

“Be honest, genuine & true to yourself”

- Deepak Surana, Senior Talent Acquisition at Divisions Maintenance Group

“Involve in your & your team’s work as much as possible. Take ownership of your work, & do not wait for others to assign you work.”

- Ashutosh Garg, HR at Exotel

“Communicate really well, be confident, & give your best. Your attitude is what takes you places.”

- Apurva Rathore, Talent Acquisition Lead at Zyeta

As we end this series of blogs, we hope that you found value in it, & it helped you understand the nuances of the recruitment process and beyond.

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