GenZ in the workplace : A New Revolution

The future is here, & it's name is GenZ.


Karthika Menon

October 27, 2023

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Generation Z - kids of the Internet era, who are now coming together to form a huge part of the workforces. Statistics show that GenZ makes up a 24% global workforce & this will increase to 27% by 2025. As they have grown up with virtual media as their partners in crime & are now entering the workforce, companies need to come up with ways to keep their engagement in workplaces, especially because many firms are returning to the offline mode of work. This generation has a strong affinity towards being online & companies must find ways to combine their online & offline mode of work into a seamless hybrid work solution.Here are a few useful tips on how to manage the GenZ adults at a workplace.

Collaborating in a coworking space

What matters to GenZ in the workplace?

Equality - GenZ, like their predecessors & successors, need to be treated as equals to others working in the same environment & they also need to be valued for the work they do. They expect themselves to be taken seriously & not for granted.

Work-life balance - GenZ value their life outside of work & it is when they can spend equal time off work that they can truly be productive. They prefer to work at their own pace & allowing them to work offline & online at their convenience will also guarantee their workspace presence. Giving them the liberty to do so will also bring them to the workplace regularly knowing they can spend time off work just as much as they can on duty.

Positive Work Environment - Promoting a positive work culture can ensure that the GenZ feel like they have reached a workspace where they are recognised for what they bring to the table. Recognise that they are the future of workplaces &to give them the liberty accordingly.

Relaxing workspace - Interior design & different kinds of lighting can also have an enhanced effect on the experience provided by the workspace. Also, by including natural elements such as plants indoors, workspaces allow them to experience nature that they are otherwise missing out on during the day. Mental health, diversity & inclusivity are a few areas of their knowledge expertise, and they have their own ideas of how these can come together in a working space.

Work at your own pace & comfort

What keeps them coming for more?

An important characteristic that sets the GenZ apart from their predecessors is the fact that they are very open minded when it comes to their worldview. They are interested in the well-being of people around them & any workplace that takes people into consideration intrigues them. They are also an opinionated bunch that regards free speech as their right & they have a say on anything &everything; companies could leverage this character of theirs to the brand's advantage.

So, giving them a voice & hearing them out is the untold secret to keeping them active within a workspace. This in turn will keep their otherwise fleeting attention span for as long as it needs to be productive & maintain a balance between their online & offline personas.

The workspace is the place where one spends the most amount of time & it must appeal to one’s senses if the firm wants its employees to return willingly. This is not an easy task considering the audience you are catering to is mostly living their lives online. The effort that goes into capturing the attention of the GenZ employees is where the success of workspaces lies. Leveraging the online presence of the GenZs & treating them & their opinions, values & expressions with equal respect as the older generation are some ways to gain a head start.Giving them the independence to work on their own & help maintain a work-life balance is also essential to their offline presence. Freedom of expression &respecting their need to understand the working of the world better should also be considered by the workplaces thus ensuring that the young generation has everything they want at their dispensation within one offline space. Following these GenZ 101 tips will ensure that the young employees show up at work &make their dreams a reality.

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