How 2gethr became the world’s first Health-Safety Rated co-working space

Powered by IWBI, 2gethr has officially become the safest co-working space in the world.



October 27, 2023

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Get the drums rolling because we got news to share. Well, yes, we know the title reveals it all but there’s no harm in a lil celebratory repetition!

Yes, we’ve walked a long and stony path to become the first co-working space in the world to achieve this. There was a lot of action behind the scenes and a lot of waiting and waiting but we got it.

Before we explain to you the how of it, let us tell you what exactly WELL Health-Safety Rating is.

Well, the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) established a task force in March 2020 to assess the pandemic and extend their support to the world. IWBI’s Task Force on COVID-19 and Other Respiratory Infections consisted of nearly 600 awesome public health experts, virologists, government officials, academics, business leaders, architects, designers, building scientists, and real estate professionals.

Everyone in this task force put their heads together for days and days to help the world. During their discussions, they realized the world really needed a third-party designation to help them out. They understood organizations all over the world were going bonkers because they had zero ideas on how to proceed and make their business places safer for their employees. And these organizations really needed some guidance, so here they were creating the WELL Health-Safety Rating so that people could focus on their business continuity plans and scale their growth.

Now here’s the kick. 2gethr was already WELL v2 Pre-certified so, we were aware of the WELL Health-Safety Rating almost as soon as announced. We understood how important it was to create safer workspaces for our employees and members. We were already following the guidelines as suggested by certified organizations but we knew WELL Health-Safety Rating was the way to go.

Now the question remains how!

Well, we achieved the WELL Health-Safety Rating by complying with the features included in the 5 categories required to create safer and healthier buildings and communities.

These are the 5 categories included in the WELL Health-Safety Rating:

  • Cleaning and Sanitization Procedures
  • Emergency Preparedness Programs
  • Health Service Resources
  • Air and Water Quality Management
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Communication

Each feature suggested by the Task Force complies with the World Health Organization (WHO), U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), global disease control and prevention centers and emergency management agencies, as well as recognized standard-making bodies such as ASTM International and ASHRAE, and leading academic and research institutions.

And we’ve achieved 21 features making 2gethr the safest workspace for you.

Cleaning and Sanitization Procedures:

  • Support Handwashing
  • Reduce surface contact
  • Improve cleaning practices
  • Select preferred cleaning products

Emergency Preparedness Programs:

  • Develop emergency preparedness plan
  • Create business continuity plan
  • Plan for healthy re-entry
  • Provide emergency resources

Health Service Resources:

  • Provide sick leave
  • Provide health benefits
  • Support mental health recovery
  • Promote flu vaccines
  • Promote a smoke-free environment

Air and Water Quality Management:

  • Assess ventilation
  • Assess and maintain air treatment systems
  • Develop Legionella management plan
  • Monitor air and water quality
  • Manage mold and moisture

Stakeholder Engagement and Communication:

  • Promote health and wellness


  • In-house WELL Accredited Professionals
  • WELL v2

And the best thing about this is that the WELL Health-Safety Rating is not just for the current pandemic. These strategies are prepared to prevent keeping similar scenarios in mind and readying us for the future too. So, 2gethr is not just the world’s first WELL Health-Safety Rated co-working space but also future-proof.

FYI. Here’s our official certificate

We bet you’re glad to be a part of 2gethr’s community.

So, come on and get working!

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