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A peek into Galvanize's Bangalore workspace : Case Study

The leading GRC SaaS company Galvanize (now Diligent) was looking for a new office space in Bengaluru, the tech hub of India.


Minak Daspriya

October 27, 2023

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The leading GRC SaaS company Galvanize (now Diligent) was looking for a new office space in Bengaluru, the tech hub of India, & had a very unique requirement - an office space that prioritizes the holistic needs of the employee. Right from the start, we knew that this was going to be a really fun project. Read on to learn more about the journey; an idea to concept to an actual workspace where 100s of employees now congregate & do significant things every single day!

The Brief:

One of the leading IT Risk management SaaS company- Galvanize (now Diligent) came in with the requirement for their new Bangalore office. They were looking for a space that put their employees first, a holistic workspace solution in terms of experience, cost, productivity, & well-being. Being a SaaS company, they wanted a central server room, meeting rooms of various sizes, & a reception, & for security, they wanted access control that was personalized. Looking at the size & growth of Galvanize we had an awesome solution in mind for them!

The Pitch:

During the primary visit to 2gethr @ ORR, people at Galvanize loved the design language used at 2gethr @ ORR. They were surprised at how an office, a cafe, & a hotel lounge resembling space came together & aligned to create an ideal workplace for the members of 2gethr. During discussions, we realized their requirements were more aligned to a Managed Office than a co-working space. We came up with a design for Galvanize that leveraged the design language 2gethr is so proud of, & which they fell in love with, while also customizing their workspace to reflect the Galvanize brand & their unique requirements.

The Design Process:

The 2gethr design process is simplistic but meticulous: we make designs that:

  1. That creates an environment where people can be inspired, motivated, & aspire to do something great every day.
  2. Looks great to the employees, & gives FOMO to their friends.
  3. A space that enables people to have a growth mindset & inspires them every day.
  4. Uses design cues to make employees feel at ease.
  5. Design the layout accepting the fact that employees are most productive when there is a variety of diverse spaces in their work environment.

We shared with them a layout that emphasized the community & collaboration spaces where employees can come together. As soon as you cross the reception you find a large collaboration space in the middle of the workspace that is physically separated by acoustic screens inspired by the Galvanize branding. Right next to it is the massive board room with collapsible partitions in between, so that the entire space can transform into another mini-community/multipurpose space whenever there is a large gathering. (P.S.: This space was designed keeping in mind the best view of the nearby lake)

As we move in, we are greeted by the amphitheater & the pantry combined purposefully to make this the go-to celebratory space where employees come together & celebrate; whether it be birthdays, achievements, or that delicious treat.
Just opposite the island bar in the pantry, are the booth seatings. They are the little nooks that help people escape from the hustle-bustle of the office to a different world & are a crowd favorite.

And then we move in to the focused work & meeting spaces which also accommodate the phone booths. The most important factor while designing workspaces was to ensure all the workstations get the best possible natural light throughout the day, & making sure that all meeting rooms have solid masses in the interiors.

The vision & execution:

Once the design was given the green light, work commenced at a lightning pace to diligently deliver the project to Galvanize.
The managed office solution that was delivered had the following characteristics:

1. Reception with branding: First impression is the last impression.

Rendered Reception
Delivered Reception

2. Collaboration Space: An amorphous arena used for reaffirming social bonds & community identities.

Rendered Collaboration Space
Delivered Collaboration Space
Delivered Collaboration Space

3. Focused, but open Workspaces: Workspaces are the forge where great ideas are forged into reality.

Rendered Workspace
Delivered Workspace
Delivered Workspace

4. Island bar pantry: The fuel tank of the machine that keeps the engine going.

Rendered Pantry
Delivered Pantry
Delivered Pantry

5. Booth seating: The cozy corner for the coffee-fueled discussions.

Rendered Booth Seating

Delivered Booth Seating


We appreciate the kind words Laurie Schultz, the then Director & CEO of Galvanize, shared for the workspace design & management.

*Laurie Schultz was the Director & CEO at Galvanize from 2011 to 2021. She became Canada’s first female CEO to lead a technology company to unicorn status on its April 2021 sale to Diligent for USD 1B. Under herleadership, Galvanize raised over >$100M in debt & equity, securing the company’s position as a market leader across all major analyst reports & one of Canada’s Top 100 Employers (2018-2021), Most Admired Cultures (2018-2020) & Best Managed Companies (2019-2021).

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