Light At Work - A Guide To Lighting at 2gethr @ORR

Lighting in the workplace is more important than most people think.


Karthika Menon

October 27, 2023

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They say, "the way you light up a room is the one thing that will make all the difference." Lighting designs are sometimes considered by architects, interior designers, and others to be one of the most frequently overlooked design elements in an interior space. There are a number of theories about its importance, and it is an essential factor to be productive and get you through your work day. For offices like Co-working spaces that have a heterogenous crowd working out of the same office space, good lighting enhances the overall user experience of the workspace.

At 2gethr, we use lighting as one of our means to communicate with our members and give them the best work experience possible.

Ambience lighting at the community area

So how did we go about doing this?

Right from our inception, 2gethr has focused on workspace user experience as our key element.In everything we design, right down to our lighting, we try to ensure that every person entering a workspace designed by us feels welcome and inspired to come back for more of what we have to offer. Lighting used at our workspaces follow the standard lighting regulation recommended for a workplace (4500K - 5500K) but does not stick to the cliche traditional workplaces lighting either. Lighting plays an important role in the appearance and experience that 2gethr wishes to provide anyone who enters the space.

Task lighting in the sleeping pods

What are the different kinds of lights at 2gethr workplaces?

Lighting for interior spaces - be it residential or commercial - is mostly of a few kinds and the design team at 2gethr has ensured that all of them were introduced to the workspace to enhance the experience of working with us. Here’s the lighting 101 to the 2gethr workspace -

Natural Lighting - The design style of the 2gethr offices are in such a way that a person entering the office will stand parallel to the two open windows on either side of the office space, which means that sunlight will not enter directly into the person’s eye and yet illuminate the room perfectly.

Generic Lighting - the usual white light is said to be a necessary element for productivity and this has been installed in the workplaces that we design for the companies that we help build.This lighting is one that everyone is used to in a workspace and it is a generally suggested light to be placed in offices as white light is the closest in intensity to natural light and thus it gives the effect of being under the light of the sun.

Ambience lighting
- Generally warmer than white light, ambience lighting is used to give a warm and cozy feeling to the workspace. These are functional lights which can completely light up a particular space. At 2gethr, these lights illuminate the corridors and modules, so as to provide you with the best lighting to be productive and also feel a sense of warmth while being productive.

Accent Lighting
- The kind of lighting that provides a highlighter effect to any place, it can make any part of the workspace stand out. 2gethr has tried to leverage this feature of light to bring people’s attention to the motivational graphics and highlight the wall behind the welcome area. This way, it ensures that everyone walking into our office knows what we are about and the message we hope every person who visits us takes away.

Task Lighting
- As the name suggests, this lighting is fitted in places where we want people to be their most productive selves. Be it relaxing with a book at the sleeping pod or getting on that important work meeting call, task lights fitted in essential spaces will assist you in completing your task while being influenced by the warmth that soft lights provide.

Accent lighting to highlight our welcome area

Why these lights?

2gethr is a people-first workspace firm and everything we do is people-oriented. 2gethr uses lights that are friendly to people of all ages and backgrounds. The lights play various roles for the offices we help build and it is these lights that we believe brings them to their workspace everyday. Each of the lights used serves a different purpose in the place where they are installed and they enhance the spaces differently. In the community areas, warm lights are preferred because they give a relaxing effect to the space but inside the offices, lights with moreproductive effects such as white light are preferred.

How do these lights influence the people utilizing these spaces?

2gethr office spaces are intended to be utilized by heterogeneous crowds to enhance their productive work-selves and 2gethr kept this in mind while designing the spaces. From GenZ to baby boomers, the offices have lights that suit everyone’s needs. It is a common observation that warm lights are the preferred lighting for the younger generation while the more experienced population prefer white lights which enhance their productivity. A mix and match of both these lightings at our workspaces allow every individual to choose their workspace according to their preferences of lighting to work under.

White lights for the board room


Lighting forms a major part of the user experience in offices and while it may be an overlooked factor by people working out of the space, it forms an essential part of design, especially for a co-working space where we welcome people of any age and background. 2gethr aims to make everyone feel warm, cozy and welcomed to the offices designed and user experience is at the core of our design principles. The kind of light we use serves its unique purpose at our offices and while it enhances the productivity levels of the employees working out of the space, it also focuses on the overall experience of the people that make 2gethr the workplace that it is. These lights are installed keeping the different generations in mind and even through such an element as lighting, 2gethr strongly establishes a people-first workplace environment.

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