The 2gethr @ ORR Story

Take a literary tour of 2gethr @ ORR & find out why “This must be the place”


Minak Daspriya

October 27, 2023

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The design of 2gethr @ ORR started with a dream - the dream to create a workspace that would be at the cutting edge of technology, interior design, & comfort. A space that would lead to users feeling aspirational, motivated, & inspired! A space that holistically provides for all the needs of its user - no matter what their workload or mood is.

2gethr @ ORR is the culmination of the highest possible standards in the coworking spaces. You might be wondering “How so?”

Let us explain with a literal tour of the space:

When you first enter the space you are welcomed by a one-of-a-kind community desk! The community desk, also called the community bar greets you with a neon sign that reads “This must be the place.” The sign is placed against a gabion wall which leaves you with a sense of being planted; a sense of belonging to the place.

“Welcome to 2gethr @ ORR”

Walking in, you are invited into an open space that flows from one end of the building to the other end; with no visual obstruction. Here you will find a thriving community of energetic professionals working, discussing ideas, recharging over a cup of coffee, & more. The

windows outside overlook greenery, but greenery doesn’t stop at the windows. Nature really takes over the space with real plants all over this space. Being surrounded by greenery helps you stay energized & truly "Live the moment!"

“Open space that just lures you in”
“Live the moment”

This is also the space where the amphitheater & the pantry combine purposefully to create a space that becomes the go-to space where employees come together & celebrate; whether it be birthdays, achievements, or having that delicious meal as a team.

“The amphitheater & pantry flow from one end to the other & combine purposefully in the middle”

If you look closely you will find a lot of details hidden in the space. Everything is cherry-picked, from the wall mural to the smallest curios that flank the pantry wall & counter, to create that tasteful experience deserving of the space.

We also have whiteboards with markers every few steps for you to jot down your ideas ASAP & turn the space into your collab zone. Dive deeper & you will find teams collaborating in the thoughtfully designed workspaces having their daily dose of coffee & banter at the pantry while working on making their dreams come true.

“There’s no right time when it comes to ideas”

Discussions & meetings take up a better part of our day when you are working towards a dream. Dreams come alive when collaboration happens on the same wavelength with visible as well as jotted cues.

“A six-seater meeting room at 2gethr @ ORR”

The meeting rooms at 2gethr @ ORR make sure they offer the best environment for productivity - a whiteboard for jotting ideas & TV screen for sharing the progress - are consistent across all meeting rooms. Added to that, the wallpapers in these meeting rooms are designed in-house & break the monotony of the space, adding to productivity. Zoom might give you the option of adding virtual backgrounds for your meetings, but the meeting rooms at 2gethr @ ORR make sure you never have to use that feature.

The meeting rooms are scattered across the space, & are of various sizes, from 4 seats, all the way up to 20 seats, making sure you are never too far from the ideal meeting room. Being a community-driven co-working space, we thought of the community & their meeting room usage - incorporating all meeting room bookings into our app which provides for a seamless meeting room booking experience.

“All meeting rooms are equipped with a TV that supports wireless screen mirroring & whiteboards”

When you want to be engrossed in focused work, you can step into your private work modules. We have designed all the workspaces keeping in mind the employees & their workflows.

“Private modules are productivity workhorses”

When you want to attend a virtual meeting or make a phone call, you will find Phone Booths tucked away at every corner of the space & will provide you with the privacy to attend your calls in peace.

“Phone Booths are your corner for phone calls & virtual meetings”

And, that’s not all. When you get done with your work & want to take a much-needed break, we have you covered. On the 1st floor, you will find a PS4 along with Tic-Tac-Toes, Jenga, Uno, Chess, & Ludo for all your gaming needs, sleeping pods that can accommodate 6 people at a time, a floor seating area, books along the amphitheater, a skateboard & much more. On the second floor, the crown goes to the wellness area that accommodates the Massage Chairs, changing & shower rooms, & the hot tub.

“Let’s have a game shall we?”
“Afternoon naps anyone?”

2gethr is a workspace experience company, & the most significant part of the experience one gets from the workspace are the surfaces they touch & feel.

All the furniture at 2gethr is custom-built with the best-in-class specifications. We made sure that the tables are wide enough to allow you enough space for a seamless working environment: from your laptop with a scribbling notepad to a monster of a rig for your design needs. We have used sustainable design strategies and processes across our design, one such example is that even the polish on all the tables is water-based & rated for no Volatile Organic Compound emission which means that you can breathe & work with ease. The walls are lined with inspiring artwork & in-house designed murals that keep you motivated throughout the day. The chairs are comfy & ergonomic to support you as you take a deeper dive into your work.

If you have not experienced 2gethr @ ORR yet, come visit the space & find out for yourself how we stand apart from the rest!

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