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October 27, 2023

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So, we’ve all been doing this WFH thing for what feels like forever. Yes, it works out most of the time especially when it comes to important aspects like schedule, flexibility & lounging in home clothes as opposed to uncomfortable work clothes, but studies have shown how maladaptive this situation really is. The real question is⸺if you can’t WFH, and you can’t go to work, where do you work to work efficiently?

Coworking spaces are the answer as they serve as a brilliant fusion of the WFH culture & the office setup. They offer a myriad of features for employees working from home who are looking for another place to work from, in order to better balance their work-life situation. Let’s dive in to understand how these spaces make the shift to office working easier & what employees are looking for in a coworking space.



It’s true that WFH gives us the freedom to do whatever & be whomever as long as we finish our work within deadline. But in terms of facilities, it does prove to be one-dimensional. So what happens when your WiFi crashes or the power goes away? You’re stuck & your output takes a hit. You also need to deal with a lot of monotony with regards to your surroundings, especially since you’re in the same space 24x7!

Coworking Spaces:

Coworking spaces provide many facilities to its users apart from superfast WiFi, which let’s be real, is the biggest flex. This includes different seating options focusing on ergonomics, healthy eating options & perhaps, even gym equipment & sleeping pods for those who want to squeeze in a quick nap or workout between meetings! These multifaceted hybrid spaces allow employees & freelancers to use their spaces for more than just working, which is a huge plus.

What we’re looking for:

Provide innovative new attractions in your coworking space. There are new trends coming out everyday & the more up to date you are to the wants & needs of the masses, the more relevant your hybrid workspace can be. Set yourself up in a way that differentiates you from your competitors in a good way. Coworking spaces with multiple locations gives us the option to choose a place closer to home, without using public transport or spending a long time commuting.

Membership Plans


Lmao. This is a null point because WFH guarantees a lifetime membership as long as you’re willing to work at home. The con is working alone & working through the day with unscheduled breaks (if any) & a higher tendency to burnout.

Coworking Spaces:

These spaces are the perfect location to get back into a more office-like zone. Most coworking spaces offer fantastic membership deals for regular users as well as companies that plan on moving their offices to hybrid spaces full time. These deals can be for individual desks or private conference rooms, apart from the public spaces & can even be customized to suit your needs.

What we’re looking for:

With the number of vaccinated people rising, individuals are more willing to venture out of their homes & socialize within reason. Membership plans attract users tenfold because they tend to be more cost-effective than paying for individual work sessions in the longer run. This not only regulates but also increases your footfall on a daily basis & having scheduled visits is a COVID-safe feature which the employees will find more attractive.



You cannot get closer to home than actually working from home, but the issue in this is that home is a space meant to unwind, be yourself & do things you love. Granted that work can be something you love but it has become imperative to separate your work & home spaces for your overall well-being than it is now & working individuals are looking for different spaces to work from while staying safe.

Coworking spaces:

With coworking spaces appearing all over Bangalore, they are becoming more accessible to individuals who do not want to travel long distances or use public transport to reach their offices. They can simply walk over to the nearest coworking space & work, throughout the day. Coworking spaces with multiple locations are great because they provide us with different options to work from, making it easier than going to a singular office.

What we’re looking for:

Get a better understanding of what your target audience needs. Try focusing on comfort, minimalism & multiculturalism for best results. has stated that when designing an office space, it is important to have spaces dedicated to concentration, relaxation, collaboration, management, information & communication to be the most effective & sought after. Making it disability-friendly is also a major bonus.

Offer solutions for digital exhaustion


One of the ways to reduce digital exhaustion at home is to switch off from different forms of media for a while to rewire your brain. Taking yourself away from screens reduces digital exhaustion. This includes using your phone to scroll through social media or catching up on your TV shows & movies. However, when you're living alone, it can be difficult to do this because social media helps reduce that feeling of loneliness and helps kill time⸺especially during a pandemic.

Coworking spaces:

According to an article published in the Harvard Business Review, WFH reduces creativity & increases the risk for diabetes, cancer & cardiovascular diseases due to less physical activity. Coworking spaces automatically help in this regard by offering extra-curricular options to engage & stimulate individuals physically & mentally. Coworking spaces like 2gethr in Bangalore offer more than just a place to work at. They organize yoga sessions, dance classes & other offline social events which do not focus on digital media. This in turn increases productivity & makes individuals feel more accomplished.

What we’re looking for:

Focus on health & well-being. Whether it is introducing a new class or space altogether, people will gravitate towards spaces that give importance to health especially in the COVID-19 era. Stay up to date on health trends, government regulations & safety norms for best results.

Final word of advice

Although WFH has been normalized, it does not need to be the only work situation for employees working away from office. Hybrid workspaces allow for individuals to WFH & come into a coworking space whenever they want. There is no commitment necessary & there are only perks. Fancy a boost of creativity & productivity? Yes please!

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